Focus on the Present Moment

Excerpts from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor (161-180) and Stoic philosopher. “At every moment keep a sturdy mind on the task at hand… doing it with strict and simple dignity, affection, freedom, and justice – giving yourself a break from all other considerations. You can do this if you approach each task as ifContinue reading “Focus on the Present Moment”

What is your mantra today?

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated during meditation. In Sanskrit it means ‘tool of thought’ and it’s used to harness and focus the mind. In Eastern spiritual traditions, ‘Aum’ is considered to be the root mantra and primal sound from which all creation issues forth. But mantras are not unique to Hinduism orContinue reading “What is your mantra today?”


Stoics spend every day writing and reflecting on the art of living, which is what many bloggers do too, so you may be half way to being a Stoic already. But Stoicism was also designed for the living and DOING of daily life, which is what makes it philosophically unique. Stoicism is an ancient GreekContinue reading “Stoicism”